DeskSlide Beta

Breathe life into your boring desktop


  • Automatically freshens up your desktop with your images
  • Completely automated and easy to configure


  • Doesn't accept all image types
  • Can be heavy on RAM


DeskSlide is an excellent option for all those that have grown tired of the desktop wallpaper concept.

The program basically turns your desktop into a huge slideshow displaying a new image at intervals of your own choosing. You can specify the wallpaper change interval in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weekly, monthly or when you log on. It's not limited by this though and you can define more complex schedules anyway you want. This is an excellent program for those who just want their desktop to display their favourite photos on a periodic cycle - just browse DeskSlide to the location of your images and your most cherished photos will adorn your desktop.

The great thing about DeskSlide is that it takes into account that not all of your images may be the right size for your screen or desktop - therefore it gives you options as to exactly what size and how you want to display it. Once you've done this, you're also given options about how you want the photos to be ordered although note that it only accepts photos in BMP, GIF, JPEG, DIB, and PNG format which is a minor limitation.

If you get bored quickly with your desktop background or simply can't be bothered changing it much, DeskSlide is a brilliant solution.

DeskSlide supports the following formats


DeskSlide is a utility for automating the wallpaper change on your desktop breathing new life everytime it changes.

It replaces your boring desktop wallpaper, also called background image, automatically at intervals of your choice, with your beautiful digital images.



DeskSlide Beta

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